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We Speak Your Language

Accurate architecture home design at Davis Window and Door is a top priority. Our uniquely qualified staff of civil engineers can truly speak the same language as architects and builders. We not only communicate the unique challenges that come with every product, but we help you design beautiful homes around beautiful windows and doors.

Our vast library of product dimensions includes PDF files with center sizes for many of our windows and doors. Plus, we have architecture home design manuals that can inform each one of your design choices.

Advanced Technology

Our professional staff can read blueprints, provide 3D visualizations of window and door products, and help ensure that your team has access to the most advanced architectural design tools in the marketplace.

We understand that as architects, you have your own processes and technology. However, our vast library of product dimensions includes Revit files for every single Marvin window and door. So we can work together to insert specific products directly into your renderings.

Limited Liability

Davis Window and Door communicates directly with Marvin architects to ensure that every building design is aligned with corporate best practices. We have architectural design manuals that can inform each one of your choices, as well as PDF files with every product’s center-sizes.

These are just some of the many ways we work to minimize liability and guarantee your firm’s success in every project.