Showroom Access
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At Davis Window and Door, we proudly partner with both homeowners and residential remodeling contractors to ensure every aspect of residential projects goes according to plan.

A Partner You Can Trust

As window and door experts, we help homeowners understand the unique advantages or challenges that come with every available option, and we guide them toward safe, reliable products that contractors can trust.

As qualified civil engineers, we also see eye-to-eye with contractors. Our professional staff can read blueprints, provide 3D visualizations of final products and help ensure that your customers have access to the most advanced tools in the marketplace.

No Surprises, No Problems

Davis Window and Door also houses a 3,500 sq. foot showroom where customers can walk around and experience products first-hand in a real home-like setting. It’s one of the many ways we help ensure that homeowners know exactly how their products will look and feel after installation.

Step-by-step process for residential remodeling contractors:

  • Develop a plan with homeowners
  • Come to Davis Window and Door with products in mind
  • Evaluate the plan & price out the hardware
  • Modify plans if necessary to meet homeowner expectations
  • Use Revit 3D modeling software to mock up the final product
  • Execute the home improvement project