5 Types of Doors That Immediately Enhance Your Home


Whether you are looking to increase the value and curb appeal of your home or just give your home a facelift, here are 5 types of doors that can get you started. 

Updating your door style will immediately enhance the appearance, functionality, and focus of your home. Even replacing your front entry door can significantly improve access to natural light and add character.

Here we will narrow the field to the top five different types of doors that enhance the look of your house, add value, and improve the curb appeal.   

Entry and Swinging

The front entry is generally considered the most important door in the home. It has a huge impact on curb appeal and sets the design tone of your home. A beautiful, well-designed door draws attention and draws the viewer’s eyes by providing a visual focus point.

Entry doors either are hinged (meaning they swing either towards the interior or exterior of the house) or they rest and rotate on a pivot point. If the door is the one egress point, it is required to provide a minimum width of 32 inches and a minimum height of 78 inches of clear passage.

Front doors are a great place to let your creativity soar. Whether you are looking for a completely custom unit, a modern minimalist metal design, a traditional colonial style, Davis Window and Door has a solution.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors often lead to an exterior deck or patio. Many sliding doors are twice as wide as a front entry door to allow space for the doors to slide. They provide the best source for natural light because they contain the most glass.

Sliding doors are fantastic when the swinging motion of a door may contact another surface, like a wall or cabinet. Swinging doors require a clear path from opening to closing, while sliding doors require only the narrow track to ride along, saving space.

Multi-Panel (Scenic Doors)

Scenic doors do just what you would expect by creating a panoramic doorway between your home and the outdoors.

With the press of a button, scenic doors can fold or slide to make a room feel bigger. Scenic doors are perfect for homeowners who love to entertain and provide their guests with a unique experience. Scenic doors usually require specific framing to install, but the effort is worth it.

Storm Doors

Storm doors are separate exterior doors made to protect your entry door and provide additional energy efficiency. For an entry door that has seen better days, adding a storm door can provide protection, enhanced energy efficiency, and security.

Storm doors let you leave the entry door open, allowing the natural light to flood the space. At the same time, storm doors prevent drafts from allowing your conditioned air to escape outdoors. If you prefer ventilation, you can remove the glass and opt for the built-in screen.

Storm doors also protect your entry door from UV radiation from sunlight. Most entry doors are replaced not due to physical damage but from exposure to the elements. Older doors that absorb heat tend to warp and split, leading to leaks of both air and water.

When the entry door is open, the seals on your storm door prevent the conditioned air inside the home from escaping. When the entry door is closed, the air trapped between the entry door and the storm door acts like insulation, in addition to any insulation that may be inside the door itself.

Double Entry Doors

Double entry doors are very similar to french doors in the way they operate. As the name implies, double entry doors are two doors that close against each other, as opposed to a door frame. Both double doors open, so moving large objects in and out of the home is made easier.

Double entry doors are usually made from fiberglass or aluminum materials, but solid wood doors are also common. Because of their size, double entry doors tend to make a statement and become the focal point of the home’s exterior.

One popular double entry door project involves replacing a standard door and sidelights. By replacing a door and sidelights with a double entry door containing full or partial glass, you can gain a larger opening without sacrificing the natural light provided by the sidelights.  

Considering One of These Types of Doors To Upgrade Your Home?

A great way to educate yourself is to speak with a professional window company expert and ask as many questions as possible. However, you’ll get more out of the experience if you know a few types of doors, features, and designs that are available.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself (and the expert) to help ensure you get the doors that enhance your home the moment you install them:

  • Will my new door be a swinging or sliding door?
  • Will my new door include glass?
  • Will my new door be made from wood or a different material?
  • Will a double entry door fit the opening my door and sidelights are in now?
  • What type of locks will my new entry door use?
  • Do I need an expert to install my new entry door?
  • If I change my exterior door, should I change my interior doors as well?

Professionals doors experts are ready to help you answer all of these questions and some you haven’t thought of yet. Free, expert advice is the best kind, so the more prepared you are to discuss features, designs, and materials, the better. Contact us today for a consultation.