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Wood Clad Doors are light, strong and beautiful hardware options for homeowners in almost any climate. Not only can they boost your home’s curb appeal and improve its energy efficiency, but they add a classic look and a sense of tradition. If you are looking to add a timeless charm to your new home, or to blend into a historic neighborhood, Wood may be the right material.

Regardless of personal taste and style, Wood Doors can be matched to your home’s aesthetic and built to meet your preferences. Our premium manufacturers mill products from a variety of natural wood species, and they deliver a nearly unlimited array of shapes and styles. Whether you are looking to achieve better ventilation, or to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces, our staff can recommend an appropriate Wood Door.

Marvin Wood Doors

While there are a number of impressive Wood Door manufacturers, few compete with Marvin®. All of Marvin’s wood goes through a multi-step finishing process: Before assembly, each individual piece is sanded, conditioned, stained and oven-cured. The result is a more durable and consistent product, with a rich interior finish. Available in a range of wood species and a variety of door styles, Marvin Wood Doors can inspire you to live a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle.

The Marvin Signature Ultimate collection features Wood Doors in a variety of styles, stains and paint options. Learn more here.

Wood Doors: Maintenance

While Wood Doors may not feel as durable as fiberglass doors, a bit of routine attention can keep them functioning for many years — if not multiple generations. Once the doors are installed, simply check in on them every now and again. Make a note of any scratches or chips, and check that each door is operating properly. Monthly inspections allow you to recognize problems early, and prompt maintenance will keep them in good working order.

Wood Clad Doors

If you love the classic beauty offered by Wood Doors but want a more hands-off investment, Wood Clad Doors may be right for you. A popular option for homeowners in climates where wood is not ideal, Wood Clad Doors have wooden interior frames, but their clad exterior surfaces are encased with aluminum clad — adding strength, weather-resistance and more durability than wood.

As a result of their design, Wood Clad Doors generally have a longer life expectancy than Wood Doors. They are also require less maintenance for their exterior — since they are less prone to chipping, rotting or warping.

A Davis Window & Door Professional Staff Member is Ready to Help

We at Davis Window & Door will help you select the right Wood Doors or Wood Clad Doors for your next home improvement project. We stock a variety of style from Marvin clad doors. Our knowledgeable staff can walk you through the unique qualities of each style.

Visit our Request a Consultation page to speak to our experts. Get the information you need to help make a decision on Wood Doors or Wood Clad Doors.

Davis is committed to ensuring every step of your project runs smoothly — from budgeting and product selection to door installation. With more than 100 years of combined sales and technical experience, our staff consists of reliable partners who you can trust.

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