Historic Replacement
Advanced Technology / 3D Measuring
House Transformation

Who you choose for your window and door installation is key to ensuring your desired outcome – a beautiful look for your home, inside and out. If installed improperly, even the best windows may not function as they should.

With over 45 years of experience in replacement and installation, Davis Window and Door is fully equipped to measure, deliver and install your new windows and doors. So whether you’re shopping for pocket windows or looking for a full replacement, Davis Window and Door is here to help.

    Step-by-step installation process:

  • Evaluate the current windows or doors
  • Measure the area to be replaced
  • Re-measure to ensure absolute accuracy
  • Order products according to homeowner’s specifications
  • Receive delivery at our 10,000 sq. foot warehouse
  • Review products to ensure quality and correctness
  • Schedule installation with customer using Appointment Plus app
  • Install products
  • Ensure cleanliness of job site

Davis Window and Door not only works with you to ensure the products you select are perfect for your home, but we use advanced technology to guarantee that all measurements are exact.