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House Transformation

We all want a beautiful home in which we feel comfortable—a space where we can relax, and be alone with our thoughts and loved ones. Returning home should feel like arriving at a sanctuary. If it doesn’t, then it may be time to embark on a home transformation.

Davis Window and Door can help you enhance the overall look and feel of your home through a full-scale home transformation. Whether you are looking to expand a living space, turn a window into a door, or convert a single door with sidelights to a double door, our qualified experts will oversee your project from beginning to end.

With over 45 years of experience in window and door replacement and installation, our staff is fully equipped to upgrade your home—and, ultimately, increase its value and enhance how you live in it.

Our installation process is simple:

  1. Evaluate current doors
  2. Measure the area
  3. Order products
  4. Receive delivery and review products
  5. Schedule installation with customer
  6. Install, and ensure cleanliness of job site

Turn your single door with sidelights into a beautiful double door.

There are a number of benefits to perform a beautiful single door to double entry door replacement on your home. Not only can a double door create a larger access point through which you can move in and out of your home, but it will add a focus point to your home’s exterior and, ultimately, increase its curb appeal.

When you partner with Davis Window and Door for your double door installation, you can choose from a variety of manufacturers, product types, and materials. We carry double doors from a number of premium manufacturers — including Marvin, Maxcraft and ProVia. Each manufacturer offers unique customization options — such as decorative grilles, privacy glass and divided lites.

Expand your home with an expansive scenic door.

Ever wanted to convert a window to a door? Converting a standard wall with existing windows or a patio door into a Scenic Door is an easy way to connect your home to the natural world. A popular option in regions with warmer climates, Scenic Doors invite natural light into your home and create a seamless bridge between indoor and outdoor spaces. Not only will Scenic Doors make your home feel larger and brighter, but they inspire a more healthy lifestyle.

Scenic Doors are usually composed of multiple connected panels, each of which provides an expansive nature view. They are available in a variety of styles — including sliding, folding and pocket. And when you partner with Davis Window and Door for your Scenic Door installation, we manage your project from beginning to end.

A Davis Window & Door Professional Staff Member is Ready to Help

Davis is committed to ensuring every step of your home improvement project runs smoothly — from budgeting and product selection to door installation. We work with you throughout the entire home renovation process, and we ensure each door is sized with exactness and installed in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. With more than 100 years of combined sales and technical experience, our staff consists of reliable partners who you can trust.

Visit our Request a Consultation page to speak to our professionals. Get the information you need to help make a decision on a House Transformation in Atlanta.