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Storm Doors

Storm Doors are optional outer doors that put an additional layer of protection between your home and the outside world. They allow you to have a full view of your front yard. When the weather is nice, and your front or back entry door is open, they capture more natural light, increase ventilation, and let you watch your kids play outside. Most importantly, when the weather is not so nice, the glass panels protect your entrances from rain, ice, and snow, which improves your home’s energy efficiency.

Improved Energy Efficiency

While doors play a number of important roles in your home, their most important job is to act as a gatekeeper, keeping certain things inside, and others outside. In particular, when your doors are closed, hot air, insects and other undesirable guests should feel barricaded from entering your home. This is especially important in regards to energy-efficiency: any air produced by your air-conditioning or heating system should be unable to escape your living space. If that’s not the case, your home may need a replacement storm door.

By putting an extra layer of protection between your home and the outdoors, storm doors create pockets of insulation that trap warm air in and keep cold air out, which is great for cold winters. They work the same way in summer, keeping the cool air from your air conditioning inside and the hot air outside, which is even better for the heat of summer.

If you have an energy efficient entry door, even a mid-view storm door can provide a significant buffer. They not only help keep your home comfortable, but they can decrease your energy usage to save you money.

Enhanced Home Security

An extra sheet of glass can go a long way — especially against potential intruders. In particular, these doors help discourage uninvited guests from bothering you and your family. Not only does each door create an additional buffer between your home and the outside world, but they act as obstacles, reducing burglars’ and other uninvited guests’ chances of accessing your home. If you are looking to increase security, they are a simple, accessible solution.

ProVia Storm Doors

ProVia® has a reputation for craftsmanship, quality and personal care. A faith-based company built around excellent customer service, its diligent staff embodies those principles in everything they do. Each ProVia storm door offers outstanding quality and a high degree of customization.

Built from materials like aluminum, fiberglass, and stainless steel, ProVia allows you to make decisions that best suit your needs. The ProVia Spectrum™ aluminum storm doors feature retractable screen doors, allowing for more ventilation. They are energy efficient for both new construction and storm door replacement projects. ProVia’s products are also also ENERGY STAR® certified.

  • ProVia Spectrum™ Storm Doors
  • ProVia Decorator™ Storm Doors
  • ProVia Deluxe™ Storm Doors
  • ProVia DuraGuard™ Storm Doors
  • ProVia Superview™ Storm Doors

A Davis Window & Door Professional Staff Member is Ready to Help

We at Davis Window & Door will help you select the right storm doors for your next home improvement project. We stock a variety of options from ProVia®. Our knowledgeable staff can walk you through the unique qualities of each product line.

Visit our Request a Consultation page to speak to our experts. Get the information you need to help make a decision on ProVia®.

Davis is committed to ensuring every step of your project runs smoothly — from budgeting and product selection to installing a storm door. With more than 100 years of combined sales and technical experience, our staff consists of reliable partners who you can trust.

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