Historic Replacement

When it comes to measurements and product specifications, 3D home modeling has no room for error. That’s why Davis Window and Door uses advanced technology to ensure exactness at every turn.

The result is a fast, non-invasive process that minimizes mistakes in measuring, ordering and executing. Welcome to the future of window and door replacement.

Photogrammetric Scanning

With our photogrammetric camera and lidar scanner, we create a 3D rendering of your home that allows us to re-measure spaces remotely. Plus, we store all specifications digitally and tie them directly to your job.

CAD Software

Our cutting-edge computer-aided design software allows us to move beyond traditional blueprints, protractors and ‘pencil on paper.’ With digital modeling, we can show how things will fit together and operate rather than just how big they are.

Revit Visualization

Our library of computer-generated graphics includes accurate Revit visualizations of all Marvin windows and doors. So we use 3D modeling software to not just measure your current home, but to mock up its end-result based on the products you’ve selected.