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Looking for a casement window replacement? You’re in the right place. Designed for great ventilation, this type of window swings and opens outward. Doing so creates a large entryway instead of only opening halfway like other window types. This allows for lots of fresh air as the breeze is funneled inside. Here are a few more things to know before picking out new casement windows for your home improvement project.

One important consideration is that casement windows are not interchangeable with awning windows. Rather, they feature hinges at the sides of the window frame instead of the top like awnings. This means that, while they both function similarly, the sashes of casement windows press tightly against the frame when closed for more restricted airflow making them the more energy efficient model.

Another key difference is that the angle of the sashes allows for maximum airflow from open casements. This helps to keep your home healthily ventilated and cooler in warm weather. However, this angle and design doesn’t offer the same protection against rain and other moisture like other window types.

Lastly, many homeowners opt for casements as they’re capable of displaying a full view while closed which helps maximize their home’s overall sunlight intake. This is a major differentiator as they are the only functional (openable) window that does so.

How Does a Casement Window Function?

As mentioned above, this type of window has a particular design to maximize air flow and the ventilation into your home. It does so when the sashes are fully opened, typically, via a crank system. This crank is used to gradually wind the window open and then wind it back tightly into the shut position. Because of how this crank system works, casement windows are best suited where a typical opening may be hard to reach.

For instance, windows over the kitchen sink or above the countertops may be easier to open with a crank, rather than pushing them up and possibly out of reach when it comes time to close them. A latch is then used to pull the sash all the way closed and held firmly against the weatherstripping to keep the elements out. Also available are push-out casements. These models may be best for accessibility-friendly home or simply for those who want to avoid the cranking mechanism.

Popular Casement Window Brands


A leading manufacturer, ProVia products are known for their durability and ease of operation. The Endure™ casement window is constructed of ProVia’s SunShield® Vinyl and offers a stylish design, welded frame and durable sash built to last. It features a single point locking system with a folding handle to store the tucks away. These features come together to create a streamlined look and highly energy-efficient solution.

Western Window Systems

Another highly rated casement window designer and manufacture is Western Window Systems®. With energy-efficient features and sleek designs, this company is a favorite among builders and homeowners alike. The company is reputed for thermally broken Aluminum & Simulated Steel models that showcase a minimalist profile along with high-performance glass available in a wide range of options.

Ready to Get Started? Davis Window & Door Is Here to Help!

Here at Davis Window & Door, our team of professionals can help walk you through the process of selecting the best casement windows for your upcoming home improvement project. We stock several leading brands in a variety of materials. Whether you want to go over the unique qualities of our products or schedule a casement window installer, we’re here to offer our services.

Backed by more than 100 years of combined sales and technical experience, you can trust our staff to be reliable partners for your project. From budgeting and product selection all the way to installation, we’ll be there for you every step of the way to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Give us a call to speak to an expert on casement windows in Atlanta and Charlotte or visit our Request a Consultation page.

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