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Interior doors provide a sense of well-being and can transform the interior of a home with beautiful design, quality, and innovation. That is why Davis Window and Door has partnered with TruStile to provide the industry leading blend of modern technology with old world craftsmanship for interior doors. Whatever your style may be — panel doors, modern doors, or architectural styles — TruStile offers the creativity, customization, and innovation for your style.

TruStile Panel Doors:

TruStile offers many interior panel door options like the V-Grove Series, Tambour Series and Design Series.  Available in both paint-grade MDF or stain-grade wood, with a wide range of panel sticking profiles to match any architectural style.

  • TruStile Series
  • V-Grove Series
  • Tambour Series
  • Design Series

TruStile Modern Doors:

For homes that desire a modern flare, the TruStile Modern interior line offers many architectural styles to achieve the modern look for your home. From simple to eye-catching design, TruStile Modern Doors offer the broadest line of made-to-order, handcrafted, modern doors so you can bring your dream door to reality.

  • Tru & Modern Flush Doors
  • Infinite Rail Series
  • Tru&Modern Plank Doors
  • Tru&Modern Ultra Narrow Doors

TruStile Glass Doors:

At Davis, we believe in offering you the best products and options for your home. And as an industry leader for interior Glass Doors TruStile has every option you can imagine. TruStiles’ glass doors provide endless opportunities to transform your space. From mirrored doors to doors with opaque panels to arched glass doors, your options are wide open.

  • French Lite (FL) Series
  • Panel Lite (PL) Series
  • Trustile (TS) Series

Still looking for some more inspiration? TruStile presents Authentic Designs® by TruStile. A series of 12 Authentic Designs that provide a door selection to complement the most sought-after Architectural styles, as well as design customizations options and the best materials.

TruStile Architectural Styles:

  1. Art Deco
  2. Colonial
  3. Contemporary
  4. Cottage
  5. Craftsman
  6. French Country
  7. Mediterranean
  8. Modern
  9. Spanish Colonial
  10. Traditional
  11. Tudor
  12. Victorian

Architectural Style Options:

  • Design Applications
  • Interior Transoms
  • Wood Species
  • Finishing
  • Glass & Resin Inserts
  • Leather Inserts
  • Metal Inserts
  • Hinges
  • Construction
  • Profiles

A Davis Window & Door Professional Staff Member is Ready to Help

We at Davis Window & Door will help you select the best double hung windows for your next home improvement project. We stock a variety of materials from many top manufacturers. Our knowledgeable staff can walk you through the unique qualities of each interior door company and their products.

Visit our Request a Consultation page to speak with our experts. Get the information you need to help make a decision on interior doors.

Davis is an interior door installer committed to ensuring every step of your project runs smoothly — from budgeting and product selection to window installation. With more than 100 years of combined interior door sales and service experience, our staff consists of reliable partners who you can trust. Our goal is to offer you complete peace of mind.

If you are thinking about transforming an area of your home, visit our House Transformation page to learn how we can help. Whether you are looking to replace a window with a door, or to convert a single door with sidelights into a double door, we offer the solutions for your next home improvement project.

You may be interested in learning more about interior doors to become a more informed shopper and homeowner. Here, we answer a few questions many homeowners ask about finding attractive, low-maintenance, and functional interior doors.

Are TruStile doors durable?

TruStile doors are known for their unwavering durability. They’re meant to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Each door comes equipped with TruStile’s legendary The Wedge®. This unique edge system made from hardwood offers superior screw-holding power, rigidity, and stability.

Are TruStile doors sustainable?

TruStile is an interior door supplier dedicated to finding environmentally friendly solutions. Their doors are SCS-certified and are eligible for LEEDS credits offered by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). TruStile makes doors with 69% recycled content and low VOC adhesives and primers. We’re on a mission to create long-lasting doors from recycled materials to aid the environment in more ways than one.

How does TruStile design doors?

TruStile designs doors with unrivaled attention to detail. They’re made with crisp lines and components that fit together seamlessly. TruStile engineers every door’s profile to aesthetically and functionally improve the room in which it’s installed.

Do my TruStile doors require maintenance?

TruStile doors are built to last. However, they may require additional care in humid areas, such as Atlanta or Charlotte. You want to prevent moisture buildup on your doors, so it’s essential to ventilate rooms and use a dehumidifier when necessary. Applying a sealant can also protect your doors from the many harms moisture can cause.

Can an interior door upgrade really improve my home?

You’ll be surprised how much your interior doors impact the appearance of your home. An interior door replacement allows you to choose from various unique designs, materials, and finishes. New interior doors in one room or throughout the home provide a sense of refinement, improving the architectural setting of the room or entire home.

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