How to Help Homeowners Prepare for Window Replacement – 7 Helpful Tips


You handle window replacements all the time, so you know what to expect. To a homeowner, it’s probably their first time experiencing it, so it’s a big undertaking. It’s important to understand their concerns. They may be worried about cost, quality of the product or installation, the mess it will make. They may fear that something will go wrong or their home will be damaged. Make sure they feel safe in hiring a certified installing retailer.

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If you learn to manage their concerns and expectations as well as manage the actual window replacement, it will go a long way toward landing the job and getting good referrals for future jobs. Never underestimate the mindset of a homeowner and their need to feel secure in their decision of choosing you for this job. Listen respectfully to any concern. Or better, pre-empt their concerns by preparing them for the process.

At Davis Window and Door, we are face-to-face with homeowners all the time, and frankly, we sometimes hear their disappointments and frustrations of previous remodeling projects. Often, these complaints are simple problems that could’ve been mitigated with the contractor or installer preparing homeowners better and managing expectations.

Here’s some good advice we’d like to share on how you can help your clients through the whole window replacement process and leave them feeling great about their choices:

Become the Trusted Advisor

Most homeowners are not thrilled that they need to replace windows, and will do a lot of research online, visit big box stores, etc. They may have already been bombarded with information and received widely differing costs and timelines. If you can be the calm, truthful, caring professional who listens to their concerns and provides solid guidance, they’ll likely gravitate to you, even if your cost is higher.

If you bring them to Davis Window and Door, we’re able to work with you to give them helpful and accurate information, as everyone here has received training from the manufacturers. Davis Window and Door is a Marvin Certified Installing Retailer. We also use Lidar 3D scanning technology to take measurements of your client’s home. This creates 3D models so you can take additional measurements for the project virtually. This technology, along with your expertise, will give you a professional edge.

Manage Their Expectations

The last thing you want is for a client to have unrealistic expectations and assumptions only to be disappointed later. Especially with the current inflation and supply chain issues, it’s more important than ever to set realistic expectations on costs and timeline. You build trust when you are honest and transparent, especially with issues that are not in your control.

Make It Visual

People replace windows for multiple reasons, but they’re always concerned with how the final product will look in the home. Bring them to a Davis Window and Door showroom where they can experience the look and feel of quality Marvin windows and other top brands. They can open and close sample windows, touch the materials, and receive guidance through the decision process.

Keep it Simple

Your clients don’t need to know everything you know. There’s a lot for a homeowner to take in with a window replacement. Once they trust you as the expert, it’s easy to inadvertently overwhelm the client with knowledge. If you’ve been listening to them along the way, you can pick up on what’s really concerning them. Some will fret mostly about cost, some are worried about the installation process, some are fixated on getting the color right. Offer your solutions concisely so it’s easy for them to absorb.

Be a Good Communicator

Sometimes the window installation process does not go exactly as planned. As soon as you see that something has changed, whether it’s a delay or other hiccup in the process, and it’s going to have an effect on the timeline, cost, materials or aesthetic, make sure your client is in the loop.

Plan the Pre-Installation Together

About two weeks out from installation, it’s time for installation preparation.
calendar planner

Contact your client to ensure you know who is going to be home that day, confirming the date and time. Go over what may need to be moved inside the house to give your crew interior access to the windows and address any issues with exterior access to windows. Let them know to make sure kids, pets, window dressings and furniture will be safely out of the way. Clarify who is moving heavy furniture and if there is a charge associated with your crew doing it.

Put the Homeowner at Ease

Introduce your crew to the homeowner when you arrive and do a walk-through of the space. If an issue arises during installation, talk to the homeowner about it right away, ideally with solutions ready. Once a few windows are installed, invite the homeowner to take a look.

When the job is complete, do a final walk-through with the homeowner to check the work. Stay with the client to address any concerns right away.

Work with Davis

Your local Davis Window and Door< team will act as your partner in preparing your clients for window replacement. We can provide you and your clients valuable resources to guide the process. As a local Marvin Certified Installing Retailer, we are very knowledgeable about their products. We’re available to you and your clients for questions and advice, not just to sell more windows. We work with you to build a bigger, happier client base. Request your free consultation with us today.