Snow Residence


Project Highlights

W.A. Bernard Inc. prides themselves on maintaining their tradition of quality, old-world craftsmanship within the homebuilding industry. It is for this reason that Casey and Robin Snow contacted W.A.Bernard in 2005 regarding renovations to their home in Sherborn, MA. The project was to be a challenging one, seeing as much of the structural integrity of the residence had been compromised over the years. However, the Snows stood by the fact that they wanted to remodel, not rebuild their home.

The Snows used a designer for certain decisions such as selection of colors, textures and some elements of interior design, but W.A. Bernard handled the majority of the details.The scope of the project involved renovating the kitchen, master bath and living room areas by replacing windows, siding and interior trim. However, the project was much more than a simple remodel: the plumbing was sub-code, the heating system ancient and the foundation deteriorated. After the necessary structural repairs were made, new electric, plumbing and energy efficient HVAC were installed.

Although much was updated, the Snows had loved their original home and fought to preserve its unique qualities at all costs. They wanted a window that added to the overall character of their residence while keeping with the original time period. The Elevate Collection* proved to be the perfect fit. Not only is the value equation one of the best in theindustry, but the Collection’s sustainable Ultrex construction and ENERGY STAR® qualified products delivered the long-term environmental performance the Snows demanded.A mix of Elevate double hung and casement windows were chosen in stone white with SDL for their aesthetic beauty and traditional style. They serve as a focal point within the home while creating a connection to the great outdoors, providing a panoramic view from the living room. With careful attention to detail and experienced craftsmanship, W.A. Bernard was able to blend old and new details seamlessly turning the Snows historic house into an energy efficient home they can enjoy for many years to come.

*Elevate Collection is previously knowns as Integrity Wood-Ultrex