Maintenance Tips For Your Front Door

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Once you get a brand new front door from our expert door company in Gwinnett County, you’ve got to do your part in keeping it in good shape. If not, you risk premature aging, avoidable door maintenance issues and potentially jeopardizing the overall value of your property. Take out time to learn a few things about taking proper care of your new doors and they’re sure to take care of you, your family and your home.

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Why Is Door Maintenance So Important?

The exterior of our homes takes the full blow of outdoor elements. That is why quality doors and windows keep the inhabitants safe and sound both day and night, while also adding beauty, elegance, and refinement to the overall appearance of your home. So prepare for some elbow grease, roll up those sleeves, follow these tips, and give your front door the full maintenance treatment it deserves.

First Up, Do An Inspection

Every year you’ll want to spot check your door’s finish to ensure it’s in good shape, and this is especially true if your door receives an abundance of direct sunshine. Check the knobs, hinges, handles, and use a screwdriver to tighten them up. You’ll also want to pay close attention to make sure the door’s paint isn’t chipped or peeling and that your door doesn’t need to be sanded.

Door Cleaning

This is a simple task but it can save you lots of money in the long run if you do it frequently. Use mild soap and water, rinse and wipe dry, and don’t forget your weather stripping. A light coat of furniture wax will do wonders for maintaining the longevity of your gateway. And if your doors have glass integrated into the structure, just mix vinegar with water to give it that thorough scrub.

Door Treatment

Because doors are often left vulnerable to the elements, you’ll want to have a professional door company apply a back-prime on the wood jamb to make sure it can stand up to moisture and insects. Besides back-prime, you also have the option of using a borate treatment, which can be brushed or sprayed on. What the treatment does is extend the overall life of the door, which you’re sure to enjoy for years to come.

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Invest In Quality Material

If you’re familiar with the way your door sticks in the summertime because of the heat, you might be tempted to shave the door down. While this will take care of the sticking, you’ll be left with gaps in your door during the winter, which won’t exactly help you with your electric bills. To keep from losing air and not have to deal with a door that sticks, invest in a door made of steel or fiberglass, which are more resilient to weather conditions.

Benefits Of Door Cleaning And Maintenance

By checking the hardware, testing the weather stripping, tackling loose scuffs and paint jobs, thorough cleaning, and applying fresh coating finishes. Investing in door maintenance has a multitude of long-term benefits, including:

  • Extended longevity
  • Saving money on utility bills
  • Allowing better control of indoor temperature
  • Keeping your family safe and sound
  • Increasing the overall value of your property

For more door maintenance tips for keeping up with your new front door, get in touch with us at Davis Window and Door. Open the door to the possibilities and savings in unnecessary early replacement!

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