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Door Construction

Homeowners and commercial property owners seeking the best value in a new entry door system typically turn to either fiberglass or steel entry doors. Both offer major advantages over wood doors, which, while beautiful, require regular maintenance and lack the endurance, security and energy efficiency of fiberglass or steel.


To enhance efficiency and accommodate more insulation, we thickened the door and sidelites from the standard 13⁄4″ to 21⁄2″ which is 43% thicker than standard exterior doors. We also engineered a dual perimeter seal for the entry door to create a superior barrier against drafts and energy leaks.


Stiles and rails are dovetailed and glued at each corner creating a structurally solid, integrated frame.


The heavy-duty extruded threshold has a 23⁄8″ wide thermal barrier wood-look riser that will not warp or rot while providing excellent energy efficiency. Also available in Anodized Nickel or Mill finish.



Door edge is constructed with cherry, mahogany or oak wood matching the selected series.


Window Construction

Designed with all the beautiful features of traditional windows and combined with the performance of today’s most technologically advanced glass systems, our windows offer you the very best in both beauty and performance. Not only that, but your new windows are virtually maintenance-free, and you won’t have to spend your time painting and staining so you can enjoy your free time doing whatever you like.


Fiberglass Structural Technology increases the strength and durability of your windows, making them nine times stronger than other vinyl windows.


Bay and Bow Windows

High quality seatboards, headboards, and side jambs are manufactured from furniture grade 1 1/8″ thick oak veneer plywood versus competitors 3/4″ plywood.


Full Frame

Having your windows installed with a full frame replacement type install allows you to ensure your windows are properly insulated and the studded opening around your window is checked for structural integrity.

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