Everything You Need To Know About Doors


One of the first things a visitor notices when they come to your home is the front door. When it’s chosen well, it can make a bold statement about your personality and style. But if it’s worn or decaying, it may be making a different kind of statement…

Doors are often designed to last as long as the house itself. Nevertheless, there may come a point when you decide it’s time for a replacement simply for aesthetic purposes. If your door is of an older model or has never been replaced, then it may be time to consider an upgrade.

With all the new materials and products on the market, a new door can offer even more benefits than simply curb appeal. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about doors — from the benefits of replacement to which materials are out there.

Benefits Of Replacement

There are a number of reasons you might consider replacing your front door. Perhaps your door looks worn out or is simply out of style. Maybe it’s become difficult to operate.

Regardless of your reason, there are a handful of advantages — some aesthetic, and some functional — that make replacing your front door a truly fulfilling investment. Below, we break them down.

Better Security

It’s estimated that forcible entry accounts for 60 percent of home break-ins. So, door manufacturers have increased the technology and products in newer doors which increases the security of your home. Advanced defense systems of these doors ensures your family’s safety.

Better Energy Efficiency

New doors have better insulation properties, which keeps your home more comfortable throughout the year. Don’t forget to update all the seals around your door frame when you’re replacing your door. It makes sense to keep your utility dollars in your pocket instead of letting them go out the door.

Better Noise Reduction

Newer doors have the ability to keep sounds out of your home. As your door ages, it loses its sound-proofing capabilities, which lets in more noise. Door manufacturers have also increased the door’s ability to keep more noise out. Your new door is designed to handle the different noises that have increased with more population.

It Makes Sense To Upgrade

Steel and fiberglass doors come in a variety of styles to update your home. In addition, these doors and frames are rot resistant, which means they’ll last longer without much maintenance.. Whether you need a traditional or modern look, you’ll be able to get the right entrance to makes a statement.


When it comes time to replace your door, there are a variety of materials to choose from. Of course, the right material for your home depends on your personal tastes, climate and budget. However, there are natural advantages and disadvantages to each, with some being stronger or more beautiful than others.

Of course, when investing in your home, it’s easy to assume the strongest, most durable option is best. But since the door is part of the exterior of your home, you want it to be visually pleasing too. So, when shopping for doors, look for products that strike a proper balance of strength and beauty.

Below, we break down each material in depth to help make selecting your new door simple.

Wood door replacement


Wood is the most common material for exterior doors. Known for its beauty and versatility, nothing beats wood when it comes to organic beauty. Keep in mind, though, that wooden doors require additional treatment and staining due to their vulnerability to warping from exposure to sun and moisture.

These days, a typical door company produces doors made from wood sandwiched between an outer layer of veneer or steel core made to look like wood. These lines tend to resist warping more effectively than pure wood, ensuring the visual quality of wood without its drawbacks.


Fiberglass is another choice that is also gaining a lot of popularity. Due to their foam cores, fiberglass doors are durable and extremely low maintenance, making them a smart material for homeowners in harsh or humid climates.

While a fiberglass door may not sound as traditional as, say, a wooden entryway, it is usually more affordable. Plus, many brands use fiberglass to mimic the look of wood with wood-grain texturing. So it looks like wood, but is cheaper and tougher. Talk about a win-win.

Fiberglass door replacement
Steel door replacement


Last but not least is steel. Steel doors are among the toughest, most durable options on the market — and they also tend to be the cheapest. That is because they can dent, but they are resistant to cracking and warping. Even when they do dent, the damage can be fixed using a conventional auto-body repair kit.

While steel doors are typically only considered suitable for industrial use, they’re becoming more commonplace among residences due to their natural toughness. So if security and longevity are your top priorities, you’ll probably want to stick with steel.


Getting Started

As you can see, there are many benefits to replacing old doors. It’s easy to ignore them until they become a real issue, but don’t let them languish for too long.

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