Front Door Replacement Guide

Front door replacement guide - man drilling a screw into a door

Signs It’s Time For A New Front Door

Have you checked out your front door lately? Did you know that a third of burglaries happen through the front door in broad daylight? Many homeowners often forget to ensure that their doors are secure and working properly. Like any other part of your home, a door can wear out and the moment it starts showing clear signs of deterioration, it is probably time to consider front door replacement.

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Clear Signs For Necessary Door Repairs And Replacement

There are some telltale signs to look for that show it’s time for a front door replacement – signs that not everyone is fully aware of. Luckily, these indicators can help you see that you need a new door before any further problems occur. Also, a reliable company can help you determine if you need door repairs or even a completely new front door.

Feeling The Cold

Do you notice drafts coming from your door when it’s cold out? If so, this is a huge sign that you need front door replacement. As doors get old, the seals around them may crack or shrink, allowing cold air in. If the floor is unusually cold around your door and throughout your home, feel free to contact us or any other reliable company who can install a new front door for you. Additionally, is the door showing you the light from the edges when closed? If so, chances are your door is pulling away from the frame or some other structural issues are at large.

Extra Noise

Are your door hinges exceptionally squeaky? Is it hard to open or close it? Using doors shouldn’t be a wrestling match so this might just mean it’s about time for a front door replacement. Although you may attempt to fix or oil them, this can only help so much. If your hinges are becoming worn out, your door might be going in that direction, too. In addition, if your hinges are loose, it will be easy for an intruder to force your door open.

Scrapes And Cracks

Looks can be deceiving, however, when it comes to doors – it is completely the opposite. If your door is scraping along the floor when you open it, contains rot, and just looks ugly, this is not a good sign at all. Old doors may sag and cause damage to your floor as they drag across it. If your door is cracking, you should consider front door replacement immediately, not just because it will increase the value of your home but this can be a safety concern, too.

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Bugs and other pests inside your home can be another sign you probably need a new door. If the door is not shutting properly, they can easily slip in and find a hidden place to crash. Poor seals and other damages are usually the cause of unwanted guests and a more structurally-sound door will not just keep insects at bay but also potential burglars.

Get in touch with us today if you think you require a new front door. We will gladly help you with your door replacement and other top-quality maintenance services. Our goal is to provide you with a front door that welcomes you, not the other way around. Remember, in case you see any of these signs, know that it is time to act!