How do Window Shapes Fit Into Your Remodeling Project?

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They say “variety is the spice of life” and in the world of windows, there’s a wide range of options available to you. And we’re not just talking about new construction either. There are many different types of windows on the market today that are well suited for remodeling and replacement projects too. Before we dive into the different shapes and styles, let’s first discuss the difference between a remodel and a replacement project.


Western Window Shape

Remodel vs. Replacement – what’s the difference?

Simply put, a remodel would describe a larger scale home improvement, that might include activities like taking out a wall to open up a space, putting on a room addition, or maybe a full gut job.  Other terms associated with these types of projects might be “renovation” or “reno” for short.

On the other hand, a window replacement would include removing an old window(s) and replacing it with a new one. As a matter of fact, a window replacement project might actually be part of a larger remodeling job, so they’re often described in the same conversation.

No matter the application, you’ll want to be familiar with all the different window configurations so you can make an informed decision.

What are the different window shapes I should consider?

Windows generally boil down to two categories – operating and fixed windows, and in either case, there are many, many different shapes to choose from, depending on your vision.

Traditionally, windows were all about right angles.  Square and rectangular windows not only have a classic look, but they tend to balance quite well with most architectural styles.

You will typically see these types of windows in both classic and modern home styles alike.

In addition to a single-hung or double-hung window, this could also include casements, awnings, and picture windows.

For those who want to add some additional dimension to a room with windows, the standard right angles might not fit the bill.  In that case, why not throw a bit of a “curveball” into the rotation?  Windows with rounded frames and curves can lend themselves quite well to your home… giving off a softer aesthetic or maybe even a focal point with that “wow” factor that really makes a statement.

Roundtop, archtop, circular windows… these are the terms usually associated with this style of window.  Plus, you can also mix and match with other windows to create a blended effect.

And if all of those assorted options still don’t suit your fancy, there are more options out there to achieve something even more distinct…

Fishback Marvin Window
Triangle Marvin Window with White Trim

How can I add some personality with different window shapes?

Out-of-the-box geometric shapes or specialty windows have a very specific look and can have a very effective impact on the visual presentation of your living space.  Whether made of wood, vinyl, or fiberglass, these windows are available in a number of standard sizes or can be customized depending on the specs of the job.

Some of these alternative shapes might include a triangle, trapezoid, or octagon window.

TIP: keep in mind that while you may love these types of windows, it’s important to make sure it not only fits the architectural style of your home but will also add to the overall appeal and market value from a real estate standpoint.

Are there even more creative ways to approach a window replacement?

Replacing a double-hung window with a casement or crank-operated window is a great option when you want an operating window in a spot that’s somewhat hard to reach.

How can this be possible you may ask?  Well, it’s all a matter of enhancing the detail work on the new window.  Grilles that replicate the look and feel of a double-hung window can actually give off the impression that your new casement window hasn’t changed one bit.

Plus, it probably means you won’t have to consider altering anything about the surrounding area… from the exterior trim to the interior decorating.

At Davis, we not only provide products and services but also the design options and objectivity that will ensure your project turns out the best way possible, no matter what your style happens to be.

Gothic Marvin Window with Brown Trim