How to Hire a Certified Installing Retailer In Atlanta: What Questions Do I Ask?


When you hire a window and door installation company, it can be confusing, frustrating, and scary. Installing replacement windows can be the best money you’ll ever spend on your home, but only if they are installed exactly as they should be. Ideally, you’ll want to find your local Marvin Certified Installing Retailer.

When you’re shopping for a window installation contractor, there are a few key questions you can ask to help narrow down your choices. These questions will ensure that you and your home are protected, your windows are of good quality, and the installation will be honored by the manufacturer in the event you have a warranty claim.

In Atlanta, we can get some unpredictable weather, so you’ll want to find a local window installer that has years of experience. Davis Window and Door has experience dealing with metro Atlanta’s weather. We will only use the correct sealants, fasteners, and techniques for the climate. The experts at Davis will also notice when something must be corrected prior to the window installation project.

Here we will suggest a few questions you can ask your prospective window installing retailer to help you decide which is best for your window installation project.

Do I Need New Windows?Remodeled kitchen with new windows   

How do you know if you need new windows? Have you noticed a problem like drafts, wood rot, or windows that won’t open? When you work with a local window installer, you are much more likely to get one-on-one help when you need it. For example, try asking a big-box retailer to stop by your home, spend an hour with you, and answer all of your questions. It won’t happen.

Conversely, local window installation companies will usually make every effort to keep you happy. They can’t just pick up and move to the next town if their reputation suffers. Local window installers are in it for the long haul, so they want you as a long-term customer. They will also help you select the best materials for your windows.

The smart move is to start with a Marvin Certified Installing Retailer that will perform a consultation.  This helps you decide exactly what you need. Most of us aren’t professional window installers, so we need an installing window retailer we can trust, like this one. If you actually don’t need new windows, they will be honest with you because their goal is a long-term relationship.

You can use services like Angi’s List to find a highly recommended window installer. There are many window companies in the metro Atlanta area, but few that can take your window replacement project to the next level. 

What Is the Warranty On Your Window Installation?

The replacement window industry has grown significantly over the last couple of decades. Today, there are more replacement window installers than ever before, all vying for your window replacement project. Savvy homeowners have learned that the warranty included with most new windows is really only as good as a great window installation.Reviewing a window warranty

New vinyl windows, for example, must be designed and installed in a specific way to avoid having problems later. If you should have a problem with your window installation project down the road, you’ll be glad you hired a certified window installer trained by the manufacturer to install your particular window.

The type of replacement windows available today include double hung, casement, slider, and other configurations. Some require specific fasteners in specific locations, some require more fasteners than others, and some can be attached with a simple roofing tack. A certified installing window retailer will not only know every detail of your window installation. They will also be able to explain it to you!

Are You Certified?

When you begin to shop around for a window installation contractor, you’ll want to look for one that has a great reputation and years of experience in proper window installation. Window installation has evolved greatly in recent years, so if you need a door replaced, or need replacement vinyl windows, you’ll want a window installer that has achieved certification by the manufacturer.

Ideally, you’ll want your window installer to be a certified installing retailer. These companies have invested heavily in training and education to ensure their employees are qualified to provide the best window and door installation you can get. A certified installing retailer will also have the appropriate licensing, worker’s compensation insurance, and understanding of local building code.

For you, this means the window installer will install your windows exactly as the manufacturer designed them to be installed. This is the best of both worlds for you because investing in a replacement window project will not involve just the window, but the window installation. 

The last thing you want to do is invest in high-quality replacement windows, only to discover they were incorrectly installed. A window installation project should include proper window installation, which is usually a result of years of proper window installation experience.

At Davis Window and Door, we make a significant investment in our employees. The construction industry tends to have a high turnover, so you’ll want our seasoned professional window installers to handle your window installation process, not a rookie. 

Why Is Window Installation Important?

If you ask any window and door installer why the installation of your windows is important, you’ll probably receive a long answer. The best window installing retailers know the products they sell inside and out. They will be able to clearly explain what problems their windows and doors solve and why the window installation process is so critical to the performance.

The best window contractors will be certified window installing retailers. They have met or exceeded the window installation quality requirements of the manufacturer and are qualified to sell the company’s products. When you hire a window contractor, look for one that has won awards for quality, customer service, and superior window installation services.

Today’s modern windows and doors often include energy-efficient glass and high-performance construction. These features make today’s window technology better than it has ever been. However, the performance of any window is only as good as the expertise, fasteners, and sealants used to install it.

Do You Offer Payment Terms?payment terms

Replacement window projects can be expensive. Even if you don’t need credit or payment terms to fund your replacement window installation, look for a certified installing retailer that makes the offer.

Generally, if a window installing window retailer is able to offer payment terms. These companies are financially stable with years of experience retailing and installing replacement windows. Because high-quality windows and doors last so long, it’s a great idea to establish a long-term relationship with an installer you can trust.

How to Find a Certified Installing Retailer:

Fortunately, the Atlanta area is a good place to live if you need a professional window and door installer. If you want to save some time and find a certified installing window retailer that will offer all of the benefits we’ve described, contact Davis Window and Door for a free consultation.

You can trust Davis Window and Door to provide informative, educational expertise to your window installation project. As previously mentioned, years of experience are important in any window replacement project. Incredibly, Davis Window and Door has over 100 years of combined experience within their technical and sales forces. 

Davis Window and Door puts their employees first, so they can pick the cream of the crop when it comes to hiring. Davis Window and Door provides unparalleled training for all employees because that is how you become the best window and door installer in Atlanta. 

To see what Davis Window and Door can do for you, request a consultation today.

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