How To Increase the Value of Your Home

How To Increase Home Value

Your home plays many important roles in your well being. These 3 simple additions can increase its value—and help you enjoy it.

  • Front Door Renovation
  • Replace Window With Door
  • Open More Space

What is the value of a home?

Home is more than a place to live. It is a space where we can relax, feel comfortable and secure, and be surrounded by friends and loved ones. Whether you are single or living with family, home is the nucleus of your life — an anchor you rely on; the point from which you come and go. You should be proud of the way your home looks and excited to spend time at it.

That is not the full story, though.

Beyond being a place to live, a home is a financial investment. It is a physical asset for which people exchange their money in hopes of owning something that will increase in value. When you are considering buying a home, shoppers should know the market can be expensive.

Georgia housing prices are on the rise. The average home in Georgia is worth more than $200,000. Purchasers often will take out a line of credit. For most, it is the most expensive purchase they will ever make.

How to add value to your home

Since our homes are so deeply embedded into both our personal and financial lives, it makes sense to prioritize their health and wellbeing. After all, we all want a beautiful property we can feel confident about, and to see our investments increase in value. The best way to achieve those goals is to manage our homes with care and attention.

Not every enhancement requires remodeling contractors or a full scale renovation. We at Davis Window and Door understand that. While many people associate “home remodeling” with large, expensive projects, we believe that smaller tweaks — especially when completed with professionals who pay attention to detail — can make a world of difference.

In particular, a strategic use of specialty windows or doors — such as replacing a single entry door with eye-catching double doors, bridging your indoor and outdoor living spaces together by converting existing windows and patio doors into scenic doors, or opening up your indoor spaces with protruding windows — can upgrade your home and increase its value.

Below we walk through some of the advantages of each, and explain how to get started.

Front Door Renovation

Front Door Renovation

A front door renovation is perhaps the most immediate way to have an impact on your home’s value. As one of the most visible features of the home, doors set the tone for arriving guests, direct attention to specific design elements, and make an impression on neighbors. That in mind, updating your front door is an effective way to boost curb appeal. Not only can you change the door’s style, but you can reimagine the form and functionality of your doorway.

While a standard door replacement allows you to update style, material and color, a front door renovation provides nearly infinite possibilities. Among them: replacing a single door with sidelights by converting it into a beautiful double door. Not only can a double door create a larger access point through which you can move in and out of your home, but it will add a focus point to your home’s exterior doors and, ultimately, increase its curb appeal.

When you partner with Davis Window and Door for your double door installation, you can choose from a variety of manufacturers, product types, and materials. We carry double doors from a number of premium manufacturers — including Maxcraft. Each manufacturer offers unique design build options — such as decorative grilles, privacy glass and divided lites.

Replace Window With Door

Another way to transform the bridges between your home and the outside world is to replace a window with a door. That may sound extravagant, but it is perhaps the most effective way to reimagine your use of spaces. Nowadays we are all searching for ways to live healthier, be happier, and deepen our connections with nature. Opening up an additional entry point from within your home is the easiest way to do so.

While installing a Picture Window may provide a beautiful view, converting an existing window and patio door or standard wall into a Scenic Door will actually connect you to the outdoors. Not only do Scenic Doors invite natural light into your home, but they create a seamless bridge between indoor and outdoor spaces to encourage a healthier lifestyle. A popular option in regions with warmer climates, they make your home feel larger, brighter, and more natural.

Scenic Doors are usually composed of multiple connected panels, each of which provides an expansive nature view. They are available in a variety of styles — including sliding, folding and pocket. And when you partner with Davis Window and Door for your Scenic Door installation, we manage your project from beginning to end.

Replace Window With Door
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Open Additional Space

As you can probably tell, the easiest ways to increase the value of your home are to make it feel bigger, brighter, and better connected to nature. While a front door renovation or a Multi-Panel Scenic Door can open additional space, other options require less grandiose renovations. In particular, installing Bay Windows, Bow Windows, or Garden Windows will allow you to capture more sunlight — sometimes without changing the shape of the opening.

Projection Windows physically protrude from the home, creating a 3-dimensional bubble when viewed from the outside. Like most windows, they capture natural light and provide beautiful outdoor views. Unlike other windows, they open additional space in your home to help you live more comfortably and naturally.

The most popular styles of projection windows are bow windows and bay windows. While both share a few similarities — including their ability to boost your home’s curb appeal — they differ in operability, angle, and size. Other projection styles serve specialized purposes. For example, Planter Windows — which also protrude from the home — are uniquely equipped to foster a small garden.

When you shop with Davis Window and Door for projection windows, we walk you through a variety of manufacturers, product types, and materials. Our only goal is to make sure your project is a success.

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Trying to manage the value of your home can be an overwhelming process. While reading through this post, we hope you learned how to determine which factors matter most, and discovered ideas about how to increase the value of your home.

Increasing a home’s value can be a daunting task for any homeowner, which is why we are here at Davis Window and Door. We are a window company that has combined sales and technical experience of more than 100 years.

Our professional, insured staff can provide you with personalized service to help you select the right brands and materials for your home. And once your windows and doors are installed, we will help keep you cozy for years to come.

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