What To Consider When Replacing Your Windows

Home window replacement in kitchen

Windows, like the door or any other component of the home, will eventually have to be replaced. If you have older windows, then it’s time to contact Davis Window and Door. Due to technological advancements, most windows these days are far sturdier and also provide superior insulation properties.

Speaking of insulation, you really should consider windows designed for energy efficiency. Most windows these days come with a solar heat gain coefficient rating. The numerical rating indicates how much solar heat is able to transmit through the window. Essentially, the lower the rating the better it is.

When it comes to insulation, Davis Window and Door also provide windows with a few other numerical ratings. Another rating pertains to the window’s visible transmittance, or its ability to let in natural sunlight. In this case, the higher the rating, the better it is. Additionally, there is also a rating for air leakage, which represents how much air is able to pass through small joints and cracks. Here, a lower number is better. By some estimates, you can improve energy efficiency by 25 to 50 percent just by changing out your windows alone.

Don’t forget that you also have to choose the window frame material. You have several choices here, including options like vinyl, aluminum, composite, wood, or fiberglass. Each has their own respective pros and cons. A composite frame, for example, is highly energy efficient and is also resistant to warping and contracting. A wooden frame, on the other hand, has a high aesthetic value, though it tends to be on the pricier end. You can determine which frame is best for your home based on the benefits, aesthetics, and price range of each frame type.

Windows serve a lot more purpose than just allowing you to see outside of your home. With Davis Window and Door, you will be able to select a window that is not only aesthetically appealing but also more functional and longer lasting.