Sliding Door Maintenance Checklist

Sliding door maintenance checklist

How to Maintain and Fix Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors can make a pleasant addition to any home. As the name suggests, they open and close by sliding on tracks rather than swinging on hinges. This makes them some of the easiest doors to operate and a popular option for rooms with decks or patios. Read from our sliding door maintenance checklist below!

Aside from convenience, sliding doors contribute to the home’s look and design by connecting to the outside world. They are made with full-length glass panels, which open rooms visually, invite in natural light and provide easy access outside. Interior sliding doors are frequently used for closets and pantries, and sometimes to conceal water heaters and furnaces.

Despite the value they can bring to your home, easy install sliding doors are not without their challenges. Unlike other door options, they require routine maintenance and active attention, since they must be checked up on every now and again. Depending on your living situation, they can also require basic enhancements for security.

Below is a brief sliding door maintenance checklist with some chores you can complete to help care for and protect your sliding doors. So, keep reading to learn how to get the most out your entryway. And remember, when your doors do eventually outrun their lifespan, you can always visit us at Davis Window and Door for a full sliding door replacement!

Sliding door maintenance

Routine Maintenance

●     Check on doors regularly
●     Clean the track by removing debris
●     Look out for malfunctioning parts or components

Being a homeowner is a full time job. Each season brings a new set of chores and assignments — be it decorating for holidays or preparing the backyard for summer. Perhaps the most important of those assignments is routine maintenance, which keeps everything around the house fully operational.

For those with sliding doors, maintenance is an essential step to enjoying your home. Like every element of the home, it is important to check in on sliding doors every now and again. Look for any dirt and debris building up and try to wash it away. Even if your sliding door is functioning fine, it is important to be proactive.

To clean the track, simply use a toothbrush to scrub at the debris then wipe away what’s left. For maximum effect, use an aerosol lubricant to lubricate the doors’ rollers. (If you don’t have one, baking soda and white vinegar should do.)

If you notice any structural issues when cleaning the door, those should be addressed too. If the rollers are damaged, consider consulting with a certified window and door expert from Davis Window and Door.

Easy Repairs

●     Ensure doors can be easily opened and closed
●     Check on rollers to make sure they are functioning properly

Opening or closing a door should be an effortless task — easy enough to be done with one hand, even while balancing a round of drinks in the other. This is true for every door, but it is especially true for sliding doors.

No matter how old your sliding doors are, you shouldn’t have to muscle to get them gliding along their track. A little friction is normal, but if you have a sliding screen that requires excessive force, something is probably malfunctioning. That something is probably the roller track.

The most common source of a busted sliding door is dirty rollers. No matter how clean your home is, mud, food, and hair are bound to get caught onto the track over time. All that dirt clogs the rollers underneath and eventually the door gets stuck.

Usually a quick tune-up is enough to get a busted sliding door rolling again. However, eventually its wear-and-tear will justify a replacement. When that time comes, visit us at Davis Window and Door.

Sliding door maintenance Atlanta
Easy install sliding door

Enhancing Security

●     Make enhancements to maximize the security of sliding doors
●     Consider smart home technology, such as the Marvin Lock Status Sensor

A common concern about sliding doors is that they may not be as safe as more traditional options. Most sliding doors are made from glass, which can sometimes be easily broken, and many have weak, somewhat vulnerable locks. So, if you are looking to maximize the overall security of your home, you may need to make some enhancements. Fortunately, we can help you with that.

One of the most effective features you can add to a sliding door is a smart technology like the Marvin Lock Status Sensor. These locks connect to your smartphone to indicate whether your home’s windows and doors are unlocked or closed. So, you are always in the know. It’s a simple, affordable way to enhance your security and improve your peace of mind.

Other options to enhance security include shatterproof glass, a blocking bar, or a monitored home security system. However, a smart technology lock is the only option that can both keep you safe and bring your home into the future.

Get Started

As mentioned, sliding doors can deliver beautiful views to any home. They are among the easiest doors to open, and they help establish an unbeatable connection to nature. However, they also require consistent upkeep and attention.

If you are up for the task, visit us today to get started on your next home improvement project and to learn everything worth including on your sliding door maintenance checklist. We also offer sliding door installations, so be sure to request a free home estimate or consultation.

At Davis Window and Door, we proudly offer a wide variety of sliding doors from a number of premium manufacturers including Marvin, ProVia Doors, Restoration’s, and Western Window Systems. We stock ProVia sliding glass doors and Marvin sliding doors from each Marvin collection, including, Marvin Elevate sliding doors, Marvin Essential sliding doors, patio doors and the Marvin Signature Series.

You can also request a brochure and learn about their different types of materials, which include vinyl sliding doors, wood sliding patio doors, fiberglass sliding doors, aluminum sliding glass doors, and wood clad sliding glass doors.