Top 5 Reasons to Work With a Local Window and Door Dealer Over a Big Box Store


If you are in the market for new windows, you will encounter offerings from big box home improvement stores and local dealers. Should you work with a national retailer you know or develop a relationship with a local window expert? Today, we will suggest the top five reasons why doing business with a local business like Davis Window and Door may be your best bet.

What Are the Benefits of Having Windows Installed By a Metro Atlanta Window and Door Dealer?

Most reasons to support a local dealer involve customer service, attention to detail, and training/experience. When the time comes to replace your windows, you’ll benefit from buying from a local company like Davis Window and Door.

1. Local Dealers Understand Windows and Doors

Local dealers understand windows and doors more than a big box store. Davis Window and Door is committed to going the extra mile on service and installation so our customers are happy and the business grows. 

Windows and doors are a relatively small part of a big box store’s business, usually taking a window order and hiring a subcontractor to install them. This means although the store sold them, any number of window installers (often the lowest bidder) could be responsible for the installation.

2. Local Dealers Know the Local Market

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Building on the commitment local window dealers make to the window business, they offer a selection designed for the locale. In Atlanta, you will want windows that are energy efficient, secure, and save you money on your energy bill.

Even the big chains aren’t large enough to carry every suitable window available in every location they serve. As a result, they usually offer a generic option that might work well in Boston but not so much in Atlanta.

Davis Window and Door only offers the appropriate and best windows for the region because we know the local weather. We live in the areas we serve, so, like you, we want a weather resistant, energy efficient window that also has great curb appeal.

3. Local Dealers Are Highly TrainedLocal, professional painter

A local dealer will demonstrate the energy efficiency, appearance, and durability new windows can provide and how you can benefit by replacing your windows.

You’ll want to hire an experienced and highly trained company because new windows and doors are only as good as the installation. Reputation matters most, so Davis Window and Door has invested heavily in training.

4. Local Dealers Offer a Better Selectionkitchen door and window

You’ll find a broader selection of windows when you shop locally because we don’t bother with windows we don’t recommend. For example, a big box store will have relationships with only a handful of manufacturers. This allows the store to offer a selection that covers the largest segment of their customer base, but none in particular. Local dealers will not waste valuable floor space on a window that is inappropriate for the region.

5. Local Dealers Are Just Better At Customer Service

Size is both a blessing and a curse for big box stores. They have name recognition, but they generally have higher turnover rates, which is why talking to the same person today who showed you a window a week ago is difficult.

Local businesses like us invest heavily in new employees while advancing the training of veterans. We treat our employees like family, so they tend to stay around. This means you get the most experienced installers in town to install your new windows and doors.

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