Tips For Window Maintenance

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Window maintenance should never be overlooked during your house-care routine. To get as much use out of your current windows and prolong the life of replacement windows, you’ve got to ensure your windows are properly taken care of. Our reputable company from Norcross, GA has a lot of experience on these matters, so we are here to offer you a few useful maintenance tips for bringing out the best in your windows and their value. Give your windows the life they deserve!

The Importance Of Window Maintenance

Keeping your windows in a spick and span condition will not just extend their longevity, but enhance the overall appearance of your residence. So we say to you, let the light in to make your home feel warm and inviting. Remember, various factors can take a toll on your windows, including temperature fluctuations, dust, outdoor debris, rain, and other atmospheric hazards. By following these 5 simple steps, you will have a full grasp of everything that needs to be done to keep things in tip-top condition.

First Up, A Thorough Inspection

At Davis Window and Door, we recommend that you thoroughly inspect your windows at least once every season. While this might seem tedious, doing so can inform you of any moisture problems your windows might have, which means its time for window maintenance to replace the seal. There may also be areas of the frame where the paint has started to peel, which is most likely caused due to sun damage. You should also check the weather stripping along your windows to make sure it hasn’t started to wear out.

Window Cleaning

Whenever you dust in your home, don’t forget to do the same to your windows. It’s best to use a damp cloth with glass cleaner to wipe your windows down. However, during window maintenance take care not to use too much water because it can cause your windows to rot. For windows framed with aluminum or vinyl, you’ll want to use a mild detergent along with a gentle scrubbing brush.

Another thoughtful recommendation is to plan a thorough window cleaning session during seasonal transitions. For instance, Spring cleaning is the best period to get your home in pristine condition. The weather becomes fair again, it is easier to get in the mood, and the feeling you get when you finish the work will be well worth patting yourself on the back.

The Condition Of Your Seals

In addition to weather stripping, you should also check the rubber seals along your windows. Should any sealing start to come loose, it could lead to air leaks and moisture infiltration. To tackle this potential issue, you can use spray foam insulation to seal any gaps you notice on your windows. The importance of this aspect of windows maintenance is to increase the energy efficiency of your home, reducing the need to cough up extra money in return.

Word of advice: Rubber seals are excellent for reducing air and water leaks. Additionally, they secure the window in place.

Attend To Damaged Parts

Do any of your windows have cracks, holes, or splinters? They are a sure sign that you need some window maintenance to address the issue, otherwise, the condition of your windows will continue deteriorating until you need a complete window replacement. A screwdriver is often enough to clean out the bad wood and use layers of epoxy putty to fill in the holes and cracks. Once the putty is dried up, just smooth out the area with sandpaper and prepare for the final step, which is:

Adding A New Layer Of Paint

Every three to five years you’ll want to repaint your metal or wooden window frames. A fresh coat protects your windows from the weather and maintains the overall appearance as well. Prior to applying any paint, though, make sure to you’ve done your window cleaning thoroughly, as dust particles and debris will get stuck underneath.

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If you’ve recently had new windows installed, feel free to call us up or contact us via our website for regular window maintenance tips and checkups. However, if you aren’t ready yet for new windows, be sure to put these tips in action to extend the lifespan of your current windows until you’re fully prepped to renovate.