Window Trim Ideas for Decor and Function

Hero Marvin Ultimate Casement Windows with White Trim Coastal Bedroom

On the surface, a window may seem like a fairly basic element in your home.  After all, it’s essentially a frame and some glass that’s nice to look at (or more so, look through :).  However, there are a number of other aspects to a window that allows it to achieve its full potential.  What do we mean?  Read on to find out why you should be asking yourself, “Where can I find window trim ideas for decor and function?”

As home improvement projects go, while replacing your windows may not have the “wow factor” that a new kitchen appliance has, they can have an impact on the overall aesthetic of your home – specifically when referring to millwork, aka the interior window trim.

What is meant by “millwork?”

When speaking of building materials, window casing is categorized under the larger topic of millwork, which also includes things like crown molding, interior doors, chair rails, and paneling.  They’re referred to as millwork since they’re traditionally made in a mill using wood as the primary material.  And despite the fact that you can also find these elements in synthetic materials, like vinyl or fiberglass, they’re still referred to as such.        

So how is window trim functional?

Getting back to the functional purpose of interior window casing, the simplest reason for installing casing around a window is that it covers any unfinished gaps between your wall and window frame.  It also adds another layer of insulation to reduce or even eliminate drafts which is important for both your comfort and your utility bills :).  For replacement projects in particular, when dealing with what’s called a “full-frame replacement” where the entire window and surrounding material is removed, this will require your installation team to cut and install new trim to finish the look of the new window.

Finding the right profile

When it comes to interior window casing ideas, it’s best to start with the style of the window and your interior decor, including the trim work on your baseboards, interior doorways and ceiling.  Window casing can either complement or be used to accentuate a particular feature.  For example, perhaps you have a wide, double crown molding that gives your living room a formal look.  By echoing that formality in your window casing, you create a more balanced visual presentation.  Here are the basic types of interior window trim you can look for during your upcoming window replacement or remodeling project:

  • Traditional Trim – like the name implies, this style of casing has a simple yet decorative look which is ideal for older or historic homes.
  • Modern Trim – minimalism is often mentioned when describing modern design, and this type of casing definitely adheres to that concept by blending in rather than standing out.
  • Low Profile Trim – in the market for a more practical option?  These casings are meant to merely bridge the gap between your windowframe and the walls of your home, no more, no less.
  • High-Profile Trim – ornate, intricate, luxurious… these are just a few of the words used to describe this style of casing.  Hello gorgeous!

Traditional Trim
Modern Trim
Low Profile Trim
High Profile Trim

Color adds character

Looking to add a bit of color to your decor?  There’s nothing wrong with tried and true classic white, but you do have options when it comes to choosing the trim color.  At Davis Window and Door, we’ve taken it to the next level by offering custom color services in our Paint Shop.  All you have to do is tell us the manufacturer and color you like and we can match it, which is especially valuable for window replacement projects so the finished product looks like it belongs in the room as was always intended… and without you having to repaint all the other trim in your house to match!

What’s next?

Still not sure what to do when it comes to your interior window casing?  Just give us a call and stop by so we can walk through the options with you, well ahead of your eventual project.  At Davis, our goal is to make the window replacement process as turnkey (and headache-free) as possible.