Bring Your Home to Life with Biophilic Design


Maintaining a connection with nature and its natural beauty is a design trend we can all appreciate. Biophilic design elements have a positive impact on our mood and state of mind. Fortunately, incorporating nature into home designs has never been easier as biophilic trends take hold.

Biophilic design uses natural light, decor, air ventilation, humidity, temperature control, and other direct and indirect methods to create a pleasant atmosphere. Here we’ll discuss the benefits of biophilic design and how you can begin to incorporate it into your home.

What Does Biophilic Design Look Like in the Home?

living room windows

Biophilic design elements involve integrating the natural shapes and colors of the outdoors into the interior. Although biophilic design is becoming more common now, the idea goes back to the ancient hanging gardens of Babylon.

Biophilic home decor integrates neutrals, earth tones and natural textures to create a relaxing environment. An abundance of natural light is also critical to biophilic design because it is constantly changing and helps us connect to the outdoors.

Biophilic designs can be separated into two general categories: direct experience and indirect experience. Direct experience biophilic designs integrate elements into the design that change, like natural lighting, water, and plants. Indirect experience biophilic design elements involve typically stationary home decor like paint colors and artwork. Indirect experience elements are often used where direct elements are unavailable.

Direct Experience of Nature

  • Light: Harnessing natural light is the cornerstone of biophilic home design. Biophilic designs typically use more glass than a standard home, while taking advantage of energy saving, modern technology.
  • Water: Our world is mostly water, so biophilic design elements integrate water whenever possible. Water features or an intentional view of an outdoor body of water are common in biophilic home designs.
  • Plants: Most living plants need sunlight, and adding modern low-energy-use (low-e) windows and doors provide sunlight in abundance. Marvin leads the way with biophilic window designs that control the light, UV radiation, and heat that standard windows cannot match.
  • Natural Views: More glass and less frame is trending in windows and doors. We crave these natural views that add beauty and peacefulness to a space. Some designs incorporate floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize the effect of feeling outdoors while remaining indoors. Views to the outdoors also allow us to observe the changing weather.

large living space with tall windows

Indirect Experience of Nature

  • Images of Nature: Adding paintings, images, and focal points like flower arrangements are common in biophilic design to maintain continuity.
  • Natural Materials: One common biophilic design element includes the use of natural materials. On the exterior, this may include incorporating wood and stone work. On the Interior, you may look for exposed brick or stone and materials like wood and bamboo.
  • Natural Colors: Earth tones are very common in biophilic designs, especially when using textured paints. Marvin offers clad windows to augment these earth tones, while virtually eliminating the normally associated maintenance. Marvin offers an unlimited selection of cladding colors, providing homeowners with the perfect color solution.
  • Natural Geometries: The use of natural geometries indoors can create the subtle impression of the outdoors. Large windows have the greatest impact, but tall, cylindrical shapes like columns can also subconsciously suggest height and openness.

Deliberately connecting nature to home design is the hallmark of biophilic trends. The purpose is to create environments conducive to our well-being. As more of us work from home, home office remodels are integrating biophilic elements. A well-lit, peaceful environment helps us focus and relax simultaneously. Human connection with nature has never been more important as we navigate our stress. 

wall of windows in a living room

For your windows and doors, you may look for natural woods, plentiful glass, contrast, and energy efficiency to bring the outdoors into your home while staying at a comfortable temperature. 

The benefits of biophilic home designs are still evolving. For example, innovative window manufacturers like Marvin offer a number of designs, shapes, and functions that integrate perfectly with biophilic home designs. Marvin offers a wide variety of specialty shaped picture windows to maximize the effect natural light offers to unique spaces.

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