Growing Demand and Opportunities for Builders and Remodelers in 2022


Although most of the construction industry was deemed essential through the pandemic, the industry was still disrupted by a broken supply chain, labor shortages, and incomplete orders during much of 2021. However, if the data is any indication, brighter days are ahead for both the construction industry and the consumer. Today, we discuss the biggest opportunities for builders and remodelers in 2022.

The Top 3 Opportunities for Builders and Remodelers in 2022

1. There is a greater focus on window and door energy efficiency.

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As the building industry moves forward, a greater focus on renewable resources will be required. Manufacturers like Marvin, for example, offer fiberglass windows that are considered the future of window technology. This innovative design replaces traditional wood, aluminum, and vinyl with a state of the art fiberglass frame. Fiberglass windows are often very stable, offer very long warranties, and most are even paintable.

Fiberglass windows offer features not found with other common window materials, such as wood and aluminum. For example, fiberglass is more resistant to thermal expansion and contraction than other window materials, providing more dependable window operation over time. They also require less maintenance than traditional windows, and are available in several colors, making them a popular choice with busy homeowners.

The Marvin Essential and Elevate Series of fiberglass windows take the concept of attractiveness and functionality a step higher. The Elevate series fiberglass windows provide a good solar heat gain coefficient, meaning the windows do a great job of keeping the home cool on hot days. Fiberglass window frames can also be lighter and thinner than wooden window frames, providing more area for larger glass.

2. Safety and efficiency are improving as technology advances.

Many of us place orders, check inventory, and manage projects digitally. These are just a few of the technology trends to watch.

VR technology

Drones, augmented reality and virtual reality are being employed to great effect, especially in multi-project developments. Drones are very cost effective and supply much-needed information without the expenses associated with travel. These tools can ensure worksite safety, confirm material deliveries, create virtual models and much more.

Built-in technology in windows and doors is becoming increasingly common. This tech improves energy efficiency and security, often using Bluetooth to control settings right from a phone. As “smart home” functionality increases in popularity, we’ll only see more features like this.

Online materials management began gaining traction in 2006 when the largest home supply retailer in the U.S. created an online inventory. Gone are the days of playing phone tag with vendors. Today, we can not only check the inventory but place an order and compare prices with a click.

3. Residential construction and remodeling spending continues to climb.

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Some estimates suggest a substantial increase in residential construction and remodeling spending, as much as 7% over 2021.

Although the number is not as high as the jump from 2020 to 2021, current estimates suggest at least nearly 837 billion will be spent on residential construction in 2022.

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