We’ve Updated Our Website

Davis Window & Door's owner with his wife

Davis Window and Door is proud to launch our newly redesigned website, which places a heightened focus on trade professionals, brand partners and our technical expertise.

Along with our recently expanded, 3,500 square foot showroom, the updated website is part of our ongoing commitment to improving our services wherever possible.

“Redoing our website is giving us a better platform to interact online with our existing and potential customers,” explains Maurico Jaimes, owner of Davis Window and Door. “We managed to organize it in the way our customers want to search for information.”

Not only does DavisWin.com now include specialized hubs for both homeowners and trade professionals, but it delivers useful information to the appropriate audiences. If you are a homeowner, our non-technical pages can walk you through every aspect of the installation process and alleviate any concerns that you may have about home improvement. Similarly, if you are an architect, a commercial builder or a residential contractor, our personalized pages deliver detailed explanations of the unique qualities that make us the most qualified window and door partner in Georgia.

As certified civil engineers, Davis Window and Door is more than just a window supplier: We are are a reliable partner who can truly see eye-to-eye with professional builders. Our updated website emphasizes this on a page dedicated to technology. We use advanced technology (including a photogrammetric camera and a lidar scanner) to ensure exactness in every one of our measurements, and we use 3D modeling software to show clients exactly how their finished projects will look. We have also been accredited by dozens of trade organizations and are a certified Minority Owned business.

Don’t just take our word for it though…

The updated DavisWin.com also includes an interactive reviews page. So potential customers can not only see how former clients feel about their experiences, but they can identify those customers by town or even neighborhood. With an average of five stars across 939 ratings, Davis Window and Door is honored to include this feature on our site.

“We will maintain and update the website to share news, projects and educate on the products and advances in the industry,” Jaimes says. “Our marketing partner, the Fort Group, has been valuable in complementing us with their design and technology expertise.”